Brutal Maze is a fast-paced hack and slash game which aims to bring players a frustrating, horror-like experience. It tries to mimic real-life logic in a way that truly represents our loneliness, mortality and helplessness in the universe.

The game features a solitary hero in a trigon shape who got lost in world of squares. Unlucky for per, the squares have no intention to let their visitor leave in peace. Together, they form a greater being called The Maze. Naturally, The Maze is dynamically and infinitely generated. As our poor hero tries to find a way out, it releases its minions (we will call them enemies from here) to stop per. Since The Maze sees it all and knows it all, it keeps creating more and more enemies for the hero to fight. It also keeps track of which type of squares can do most damages to our trigon, in order to send out the most effective belligerents.

Your mission is to help the hero go the furthest distance possible, while fighting those aggressive enemies. Extra information below will give you a better understanding of what you fight and how you fight them.


The hero is a regular trigon in Aluminium color (from the Tango palette). Perse has the ability to attack and move (both horizontally and vertically) simultaneously. However, close- and long-range attacks can’t be stricken at the same time. When swinging per blade, our hero may also avoid getting damages caused by per enemies’ bullets.

Like heroes in other hack and slash games, the trigon can heal too, but irony, per HP recovery rate decreases as perse gets wounded. Been warned you have, bravery will only give you regrets.


Enemies are put into hibernation and blend into The Maze at the time of their creation. When the hero comes across, they become awake and show their (physical) colors. Enemy of each color has an unique power as described below:


May strike critical hits.

Orange (also known as Agent Orange)

May prevent the hero from healing or blocking bullets. Poisoned hero will be drawn as a square.

Chocolate (a.k.a. MDMA in Disguise):

May make the hero high and shoot uncontrollably. Still, Chocolate is good for your health (and so is MDMA).


Invisible, only shows itself when attacking or being attacked.

Sky Blue (a.k.a. Lightning Sky)

May immobilize the hero. If this happen our hero can only see the enemies, including Chameleons, on a blank background. What a blessing in disguise!

Plum (a.k.a. Plum Wine)

May replicate. Very quickly.

Scarlet Red (a.k.a. Vampire’s Eye)

Moves faster and drains hero’s HP.

The possibility that an enemy attack with its special power increases when it’s able to prove its effectiveness to The Maze. In other words, the more a kind of enemy hit the hero, the more chance they may use their unique abilities. Lucky for you, squares are unitasking so they have to stop moving to perform attacks. This slows them down a bit, however the ones which fall off the display will respawn elsewhere in The Maze.


In this game, attack’s damage is contingent on the distance between the attacker and its target. The closer they are, the more damage is caused. There is at least an one-third-second delay between two attacks stricken by any character.

Long-range Attacks

While projectiles are often called bullets in the code and the documentation, they are more similar to stones propelled by slingshots, as they don’t fly very far (about 6 times the width of an enemy). Those fired by enemies can fly though walls but the ones shot by the hero turn the grid into a new enemy. A bullet is counted as hitting the target when the distance between the center of the two object is less than the circumradius of a cell.

Close-range Attacks

It is needless to explain any further on how this kind of attack works, so we only provide the size of the characters for you to calculate when the strike can wound the target. To do so, the attacker must touch its opponents, or simplistically, the distance between the central points of the two characters must not be any greater than the sum of their circumradiuses. Do the calculations yourself, a square’s side is a fifth of the walls’, and covers the same area as a trigon.

Specially, hero’s closed-range attacks also block opponents’ bullets. If this happens, the hero won’t be able to attack in the next turn.

Manual slashing

As the hero always follow the mouse, perse perform close-range attack while doing so. Unlike the automatic ones, there isn’t any delay between two manual slashings.