This listing is our best-faith, hard-work effort at accurate attribution, sources, and licenses for everything in Brutal Maze. If you discover an asset/contribution that is incorrectly attributed or licensed, please contact us immediately. We are happy to do everything we can to fix or remove the issue.


Brutal Maze’s source code and its icon are released under GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later. This means if you run a modified program on a server and let other users communicate with it there, your server must also allow them to download the source code corresponding to the modified version running there.

Other creative works retain their original licenses as listed below.

Color Palette

Brutal Maze uses the Tango color palette by the Tango desktop project to draw all of its graphics. The palette is released to the Public Domain.

Sound Effects

Sound Effects Artist—Tobiasz ‘unfa’ Karoń

Sound Effects Artist—HappyParakeet

Sound Effects Artist—jameswrowles

Sound Effects Artist—MrPork

Sound Effects Artist—suspensiondigital

Sound Effects Artist—gusgus26

Sound Effects Artist—braqoon

Sound Effects Artist—Qat

Sound Effects Artist—pepingrillin